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Feel free to contact me and tell me how I'm doing or to plot your demise. <3

Name: Fearless
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~Character Relations~

Figured maybe Yusei should have one of these.

So comment if you wanna be here. Warning, it won't be all that fancy.

Riding Duel 29 [Action]

[Flying across your night sky tonight, Discedo, is this massive beast, which will likely give you a heart attack if you havn't been paying attention for the last week. He's leaving rainbows and sparkles in his wake, which will fall upon the city and make everything pretty.

He'll be flying aaaaaaall over the city tonight, and, as the dawn approaches, he will give one loud, massive cry, and he and all the other duel monsters in the city will disappear. Poof.

In the morning, there will be glitter everywhere. Like, the kind that gets everywhere and sticks to you. It's only in the streets and stuff, though, so don't worry too much about it.}

[ooc; End of chip event post! Remember, Yusei doesn't know what's going on. Merry Christmas, everyone, enjoy your glitter.}

Riding Duel 28 [Video]

{Hey look! Yusei's not in the basement for once! He's actually in his room, and he looks kinda exausted from the effort of changing back from a kuriboh to a human.}

Hey, Cube? Can I talk to you about removing my chip?

Riding Duel 27 [Action]

{You may see Yusei around a bit more than usual. Which is actually kinda saying something.


He's stealing things.

What things?

And by anything, I mean anything. Pants, chairs, jewlery, bricks; you name it, he's probably trying to take it.

He's got a special affinity for shiny things, but really, he'll be taking anything that's not nailed down or on fire, but only when no one's looking. I wouldn't turn your back on him lest your favorite whatever go missing.

Have fun with that.}

[ooc; Yea idk, I couldn't think of anything better. Yusei's pretty much turned into a kleptomaniac from the Avarice ailment. If you're actually looking at him he'll be acting as though nothing is wrong, but feel free to catch him in the act. Make his empty his pockets or whatever. He's a very good thief, though, having grown up doing such things.
Don't worry, anything he steals will be in his apartment safe and sound, and you'll get it back after the event with an apology if you don't catch him.

Riding Duel 26.5 [Fourth Wall Day]


I think something like this happened before, didn't it?
Is there anyone here I know?

Riding Duel 26 [Accidental Video]


But no, really, Yusei's doing stuff in the basement as usual.
The unusual thing though?
He's wearing this;

Feel free to comment on it though.}

[He's dressed as Junk Synchron, one of his favorite cards, for those of you who don't know. I used to have a better pic somewhere, with the full costume on it, but I can't for the life of me find it.]

Riding Duel 25 [Video]

{You see in the video...
Horton Basement. There's a shock.}

I've thought it over for a while now, and I've decided to open up a mechanics shop. If you want something fixed, just bring it over and I'll be happy to fix it for you.

I'll be running it from both Horton basement and my apartment, 208, for now, but I'm kinda hoping to move to an actual garage or something at some point. If anyone has any ideas on that, please let me know.

Thanks. {He smiles and ends the feed.}

Riding Duel 024 [Accidental Video]

{Yusei really needs to quit dropping things when he's shocked, it's going to come back to bite him someday.

This time the camera flips on to a scream and the picture of a dead person sitting against the bedroom wall. He's totally covered in blood, from what looks like a head wound. Ew.

You can't see Yusei, but you can kinda-sorta hear him from behind the communicator, although it's hard to tell if he's crying or not. Anyone who knows him well enough should know exactly why he's so upset about this.}


[Jack is this person for anyone who cares http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Jack_Atlas
I suck at lj coding.]

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